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We are so much more than just a Martial Arts school...

Our emphasis on street fighting solutions, non-violent bully intervention, and constant goal setting will instil a sense of inner calm and confidence. Finally our Wing Chun programs will raise your focus, spatial awareness, coordination, while simultaneously improving concentration and reducing anxiety.


Wing Chun International (WCI) is the official governing body of Wing Chun International throughout the world, dedicated to promoting one of the world’s foremost martial arts, Wing Chun Kung Fu. A non-political, independent organisation, WCI is at the cutting edge of martial arts and training methods. Recognised as one of the most realistic self defence systems in the world today made famous by the late Bruce Lee.

Chief Instructor and Founder Master Andrew Cameron, together with his friend and fellow training partner Master Paul Hawkes, set up the National Wing Chun Organisation (NWCA) in 1996. After a successful three years the NWCA decided to merge with the European Wing Tsun Organisation (EWTO) to become the National Wing Tsun Organisation (NWTO-GB). During this time Master Cameron along with Master Hawkes developed and ran the largest Wing Chun Organisation in the UK. The NWTO-GB comprised a total of 78 schools across the country with over 2000 active students on a training weekly.

In 2011, after 11 years of running the NWTO-GB, Master Andrew Cameron made the decision to go back to his roots, breaking away from the EWTO and forming his own international organisation under a new name Wing Chun International (WCI). The WCI is now one of the leading Wing Chun Kung Fu Organisations in the world today.



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Master Class

Master Class

Join us at our monthly Master Class with Master Cameron in Dunstable every last week of the month!


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